Terms of delivery

Our General Terms and Conditions shall apply to all orders.

These Terms become valid in force with the acceptance of our offer, acknowledgement of order and/or invoice. They also prevail if an order includes contradictory or differing purchase terms. Differing terms become valid only upon our written confirmation. Should any item of these General Terms and Conditions be inconsistent with the law in force, so all of the remaining terms remain unaffected.

Terms of Payment

The addresses will be supplied (on the basis of our current price list) against advanced payment, cash on delivery or open account, at our discretion. Open accounts shall be due within ten (10) days, without any deduction. (You will appreciate that we apply short time limits for payment since, in most cases, we prepay for the adresses we supply)


The addresses we provide will be dispatched for account and risk of the purchaser and/or recipient.

Delivery Periods

The delivery periods defined by the purchaser shall not be binding upon us, unless we confirm the delivery date in writing. We shall not be liable for any delay caused by the transportation agency (postal service), railway transportation, carrier and/or other forwarding companies).

Offers and Order Processing

Time Limit for the prices of our offers is 8 weeks. Our offers are without engagement and not binding.

 Minimun order value: 350,00 EUR

 Orders placed with us are binding. Should our clients intend to cancel any order for compelling reasons, we only can accept the cancellation on condition that the costs incurred at the time of cancellation will be refunded to us. Any addresses already prepared or supplied will be charged to the client and are to be accepted by him in every case.

Delivery of any documents which the client places at our disposal will be accepted only under reservation relating to the quantity. The material is to be delivered free to the door, any transport expenses or rolling charges incurred will be recharged by us.

The party ordering shall accept liability that the promotional literature is not in violation of legal provisions.

Warranty Claims / Compensation

Complaints will be considered only within fourteen (14) days from delivery. We shall not be liable for any defects unavoidable due to surrounding circumstances as well as for defects which are not caused by our negligence. Neither correctly designated occupational name and/or business line of individual addresses nor completeness of a business line selection will be guaranteed by us. A guarantee for effectiveness is excluded.

We grant compensation, i.e. a percentage of the net price of the addresses according to the invoice, for such addresses which are returned to us free to the door within six (6) weeks from delivery and which are officially marked 'undeliverable'. Refused consignments and/or insufficiently stamped consignments as well as consignments which are delivered by postal service due to the fact that they carry a home address, although a post-office box has been booked, are excluded from compensation. Further compensation, especially for the advertising media used, for postage and return charges will not be granted.

Warranty regarding telephone addresses / telephone marketing

Replacement and/or substitute delivery for addresses with phone/fax Nos. shall be made only after client has furnished evidence of the complaint. Proof that phone numbers are wrong and/or unreachable shall be furnished by call center protocols indicating address, the phone number called, time, country's confirmation of call as well as the contents of promotion so that the results under complaint can be checked in the ratio of 1: 1. 

Due to short half-life period, warranty cannot be given for e-mail addresses ! 

Prohibition of Multiple Use / Penalty

The addresses supplied by us shall be released only for a one-time direct-mail advertising campaign and must not be transferred to third parties against payment or at no charge without our approval in writing. The use of addresses for combined advertising is not permitted. In the event of violation of these regulations the client shall be liable to pay damage on the basis of a penalty which represents the tenfold of the contract value invoiced. To furnish proof of the violation the presentation of one check address of the order concerned will be sufficient. Addresses which we present for leasing or purchase are excluded from the restrictions stated above. 

Should addresses be intended for use with a data file and/or card file, so this is to be indicated when obtaining an offer and/or placing an order. If possible, the addresses will be offered and/or released against additional charge. Storing of addresses for the purpose of an efficieny review of advertising campaigns is only permitted for a period of six (6) weeks from dispatch. Afterwards the addresses are to be destroyed and/or stored addresses to be deleted.

Dortmund shall be place of fulfillment and jurisdiction.