Quality Management

Before addresses are delivered to our customers, they are subject to a close analysis by our experts. They conduct visual inspections and hereby guarantee the supreme quality of the data delivered.

Management and elimination of duplicates!

We optimize the quality of your data through comprehensive examinations before each delivery. This way you will be able to avoid image lost and limit your costs. Our quality management procedures include:

  • eliminating duplicates and multiple addresses
  • incorrect and incomplete spelling of addresses
  • correcting wrong zip codes
  • excluding wrong target groups
  • country-specific error prevention methods

Why duplicates do not escape us!

Our quality controls minimize misspellings, faulty addresses which lead to duplicates. Search routines based on postal addresses or other precise information detect the sources of double advertising which causes unnecessary costs and impairs a company’s image. Additional visual inspections are part of our routine and further reduce duplicates. 

Improve the success of your advertising campaigns and other promotional activities abroad. We look forward to working with you!