Purchasing of international addresses from Werbeteam Jacob

Purchasing of international addresses: Werbeteam Jacob stands out for constant prices and up-to-date data, thus presenting themselves as your partners in address marketing.

More success with traditional target groups:
Purchase addresses for unlimited long-term use.

There are various target groups which do not change their place of business within a period of one year. These target groups are located especially in the European area. For such cases, Werbeteam Jacob offers a special version. You can purchase addresses and use them unrestrictedly. Of course, you also have the possibility of obtaining , at extra charge, additional information and data of relevance to the company.

Purchasing international addresses: 
attractive prices and guaranteed up-to-dateness. 

Werbeteam Jacob makes every effort to always offer up-to-date data at reasonable prices. Our real-time address databases are continuously maintained and kept at up-to-date level so that we can guarantee for international addresses which are completely up-to-date and obtainable at constant reasonable prices.

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Our customer service is always prepared to assist you in your decision on the most suitable version. Whether you purchase, rent or lease addresses – do not hesitate to contact Werbeteam Jacob to obtain the best solution for your application. Please, contact us by phone number +49 (0) 231 22390557 or per email to mail@werbeteam-jacob.com

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