Pricing information


All prices plus VAT. Each sector will be charged separately per country.

For selections of mixed sectors, volume of employment or turnover-size catagories, an extra charge per region or country or - depending on data base accessability - 25 % up to 50 % extra charge on the prices stated in the Tables under A-B-C-D-E shall be paid.

Binding for our Price calculations are our quotations in

  • "B to B" and "B to C"- addresses for Eastern Europe and Asia we deliver  in engl./lat. characters. Many branches in Asia can also be delivered in country-specific letters.
  • In Russia address deliveries are possible in russish or english characters.
  • For marketing campaigns in China, Taiwan and Japan we advice to choose addresses in chinese characters (Mandarin respectively Kanji - characters in national language!), which can be delivered in national language characters.

The particular Price Groups of the countries are allocated as followed:

Price Group A:

France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Poland, Czech Rep., Slovakia

Price Group B:

United Kingdom, Ireland, Danmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Germany (partly), Austria (partly), Switzerland (partly), if not from source for price group D-A-CH.

Price Group C:

Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldavia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, U.S.A., Canada, Brasilia, Argentinia, Venezuela, Mexico, Syria, Israel, Iran, Lebanon, United Arab Emirates, Australia, Newzeeland, Malta, all other african countries, all other south american countries

Price Group D:

Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus

Pice Group D-A-CH:

Germany, Austria, Switzerland

Price Group E:

China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, India, Thailand, Singapur, Indonesia, Sri Lanka

The folowing countries are generally delivered with a complete postal / ZIP-Code: Australia - Belarus - Belgium - Bulgaria - Danmark - Germany - Finland - France - Italy - Croatia - Liechtenstein - Luxembourg - Monaco - Netherlands - Norway - Austria - Poland - Portugal - Russia - Sweden - Switzerland - Slovakia -Slovenia - South Africa - Czech Rep. - Ukraine - Hungary - U.S.A. - Serbia - Montenegro

Other countries can be delivered partly with postal / ZIP-Code, but allways according to the postal parameters of the particular country (additional data e.g. State, Province etc. occur, if necessary).

Address-Minimum Order: 350,-- EURO net