Leasing of business addresses
from Werbeteam Jacob

Make your decision for leasing addresses with Werbeteam Jacob. The addresses are intended for one-year-use and can be used several times.

Successful and cost effective leasing of addresses: international addresses for one-year-use

In contrast to renting, leasing implies one-year-use of international addresses. The life of lease begins at the date of delivery or at the date of release for use. Within this period, you may unlimitedly use the addresses leased. This multiple use provides decisive advantages concerning cost efficiency since all addresses can be successfully applied for different promotion activities.

With Werbeteam Jacob you can rely on consistently qualified addresses.

We give high priority to the up-to-dateness of our address database and rely on a real-time database which is being consistently qualified and updated. We recommend you to extend your personal leasing contract every year by new data files, so you improve not only your response rate but also the success of your promotion activities.

We gladly advise you on the possibilities of leasing international addresses with Werbeteam Jacob. Please, contact us by phone number +49 (0) 231 22390557 or by mailing to mail@werbeteam-jacob.com

Werbeteam Jacob is looking forward to your enquiry.