Real-time Address database

Profit from the real-time address database from Werbeteam Jacob. We supply consistently qualified business addresses for your projects.

Up-to-date data, consistently qualified with precision:
real-time address database of Werbeteam Jacob

We supply you with firm addresses exclusively on the basis of our consistently qualified real-time address databases. Thus we can be sure that your promotion activities actually reach the customer. Werbeteam Jacob guarantees a deliverability of min. 95 per cent.

What do we understand by up-to-date data?

There is no other factor in address marketing which is of such an importance as the up-to-dateness of data. Daily and weekly modifications will be directly included in the address databases. Reliable partners abroad support us by making accessible the potentials for Western Europe, Eastern Europe and other economically relevant areas of the world. We also dispose of many years’ experience, a highly motivated team and the know-how necessary to improve the success of your projects by fully up-to-date business addresses.

High-precision maintenance is given top priority

Without extremely precise and exact maintenance of data files, address databases would be of no value within the shortest time. We experienced that many firm databases are almost unusable due to insufficient maintenance. In growth branches and growth countries, the relocation rate of companies ranges between 10 % and 25 % p.a.. Furthermore, wrong spelling, incorrect zip codes or character duplicates are the most frequent mistakes. Such imperfections represent the worst case in direct marketing and give away enormous potentials due to undeliverability. The use of out-of-date address potentials or list broking addresses involves the “total meltdown”, i.e. the complete failure of a promotion campaign. We want to protect you against such harm.

Therefore, decide for the quality and excellence of Werbeteam Jacob. We dispose of precisely maintained address databases including business addresses of more than 70 countries. We are at your disposal for specific enquiries or general advising. Send an email to or contact us by phone +49 (0) 2330 8929455.

We look forward to your enquiry.